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Quality Representation for Baseball Coaches

Richard Kanter decided to leave his previous sports agency because of the desire to return to the roots he established while working for the University of Kentucky baseball program. College baseball coaches are an extremely dedicated group focused on the difficult task of educating young people and consistently winning baseball games. They face unique challenges compared to their colleagues in other sports. These baseball coaches deserve an agency that is committed to their particular needs.

Kanter Sports provides full-service representation to baseball coaches. We know each coach has different career goals and it's not our role to tell you what yours should be. We simply want to hear client concerns, develop a strategic plan that adapts when necessary, use our legal training, utilize our understanding of the market, leverage industry relationships, and protect our clients on their path to success. 


We negotiate employment contracts when our clients are hired and re-negotiate contracts when they decide to stay in place, all without losing sight of where they may be going in the future.  There are a number of clauses in contracts that are unfamiliar to coaches who spend their time recruiting and winning baseball games. We help coaches understand what options are available to them and how to utilize leverage. We understand the marketplace at the national, regional, and conference levels. Salary is a very important aspect of the contract negotiation, but there are number of other opportunities to add value and we don't let our clients miss out. 


Interviewing for a new job can be daunting in any industry. However, interviewing in the competitive world of college sports without damaging the relationship with your current employer, and while being unsure of what to expect from the various personalities of athletic directors and head coaches makes it even more difficult. We are here to help. We will conduct mock interviews, polish your resume, provide useful preparation materials, and research the parties involved to increase your chances at turning interviews into job offers. 


Job satisfaction differs for each client. Some want to find a school and community that fits their family's personality and stay there as long as possible, regardless of the salary. Some are compiling wins and just itching to get a chance at their dream school in a Power Five Conference. It's not our job to tell you what your dreams should be. It is our job to help you reach those dreams. We help by advising clients of potential openings, utilizing our network as well as the client's, discussing the benefits of a possible move, and confidentially corresponding with athletic administrators and coaches who are hiring. We take into account where you are now and where you want to end up, while helping you enjoy the journey along the way.


Public relations is a critical component in the way coaches are viewed by athletic directors and head coaches, as well as the general public. We maintain strong connections in the media to benefit our clients. We help them understand the importance of a public relations strategy, and we implement an effective one that will positively impact their long term job prospects and marketing opportunities.


We have years of experience crafting accurate narratives around athletes and coaches that lead to marketing and promotional opportunities. Coaching contracts often preclude outside marketing deals. However, when coaches are able and willing to participate in endorsement deals we find authentic fits that result in long term partnerships. Coaches can also supplement their income with speaking engagements and camps.


Each coach has a different goal when they finally take the jersey off. Some coaches plan to write a book and go on speaking tours. Some plan to work on a part-time consulting basis or as a scout with a professional team. Some plan to retire on a beach, spend time with grandchildren, and never work again. We facilitate beneficial relationships while you are still in your coaching prime in order to help you land where you want when you hang up the jersey.



Athletic administrators and search firms, please email Richard Kanter to discuss clients who may be a fit at your university. Email Link.